How should I schedule an appointment ?

The first appointment should be scheduled by filling out the Contact Form, sending an Email or by Message. If there is room for follow up sessions, they should be scheduled at the end of each therapy session.

I have a question or need more information, how can I reach you ?

You can send a Message through Instagram or WhatsApp, send an E-mail or fill out the Contact Form.

Links to each of these accounts can be found on the website.

For WhatsApp, please use your mobile phone, desktop version of the website does not support WhatsApp.

The Contact Form can be filled both in the mobile and desktop versions of the website.

All E-mails should be sent to: soraia_esteves@hotmail.com 

You will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Can I have face-to-face sessions ?

No. I provide Online Sessions using video call.

I use Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

How often will I have therapy sessions ?

Therapy sessions can be weekly, twice a week or monthly. The process is always discussed with the full participation of the person and according to the situation presented.

How long does each session last ? 

The first session tends to be longer and may take up to 60 minutes.

Therapy sessions have a time limit of 50 minutes each.

It may take up to several hours and more than one session to complete in-depth psychological testing and evaluation. 

Cancellation policy

I require minimum 48 hours notice and as much advance notice as possible if you need to cancel a session. Sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or no-shows will incur the full fee. 

I'll propose another time and another day to reset the missing session. 


All your information and details of sessions are confidential. To provide high-quality therapy, I discuss clients in supervision (excluding any identifying information) and the supervisor abides by the same rules of confidentiality.

There are, however, limits to confidentiality which must be broken if:

• Serious injury or harm may occur to you or others;

• Information is disclosed about a crime;

• I am summoned by a Court of Law.

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